Camporall was a success!

The Troop 008 / Pack 471 Camporall was a huge success!

We had almost 40 Scouts and Weblos and 16 Adults attend, with the overall Camporall participation around 400 Scouts and Weblos.   The weather was fantastic and and the food was scrumptious.  Many thanks to the parents of 008 and 471 who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the boys had a great time.

The boys were very busy!  We hope to have some pictures posted soon.

Some highlights:

  • We won the costume contest for Spider-Pig
  • We tied (3-way tie) for first place in the camp inspection
  • We won 3rd place in the cooking contest
  • We successfully hosted several large games of Volksball

After the theft of our trailer and gear earlier last week we received an enormous flood of assistance and offers to help. Many thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Pack 471 who let us borrow a lot of gear and Troop 795 who lent us a trailer.  There have been many, many others that also contributed to the making this a successful Camporall – THANK YOU ALL.

In the next few days we will post another update on the permanent replacement of the trailer and gear.

Thanks again to all those who made the 2013 Camporall one to remember.

Troop Trailer – Update #2

The scouts, leaders, and parents of Troop 008 wish to thank everyone that has offered us assistance through this time.  Because of your support, we have secured enough loaned equipment to proceed to Camporall today!  We truly appreciate every donation of time and equipment that we have received so far – the interest from the community has been overwhelming.
Each year, Camporall has a theme.  This year’s theme is ‘Heroes and Villains’, which is rather ironic considering our circumstances.  I can assure everyone, however, that in real life, for every villain there are hundreds of heroes, and for that we are grateful.
Law enforcement has not found any trace of our trailer or gear.  We have received some fantastic donations from some companies and individuals, but we still have a long way to go to get back to where we were.
The main equipment that we need at this point is:
An enclosed trailer

  • Hard Coolers
  • A large, 3 burner propane stove
  • Coleman 2 burner stoves (propane)
  • Coleman lanterns (propane)
  • One 20 pound propane tank
  • A rake 
  • Tarps (large and small)
  • Sturdy pots and pans of all sizes and shapes
  • Cooking utensils of all types
  • Cleaning equipment (SOS pads, dish cloths, towels, wash pans)
  • Zip lock bags, paper towels
  • Butane lighters, fire starters, etc.
  • Cards and small games
  • General camping equipment (Axes, Hand Axes, etc)
Donations may be made in person or by mail to us at:
Checks should be made payable to ‘Troop 008′.
Tomorrow, Saturday, September 28, there is a craft fair at Wesley Chapel UMC. There will be vendors from all over North Georgia in attendance, and we will have people on hand to accept donations.  Please attend to help support our fantastic charter organization, check out the wonderful crafts, and maybe win a great door prize!
In addition, both TruPrep locations (Marietta and Roswell) will be accepting donations for us.  Please visit them at, or their local stores.  We thank TruPrep for providing the drop-off points, and also for the generous donation of equipment.
The fine people at the Thomas Eye Group have gratiously offered to donate $1, up to $500, for every ‘like’ that they receive on their Facebook page from now until October 15.  If you are on Facebook, please ‘like’ them to further support us!  Their Facebook page is
We also wish to thank Camping World for their wonderful donation of equipment.  The people at their Woodstock location were absolutely fantastic in working with us to select some gear to get us started on rebuilding.
One of the great things about being involved with scouting is providing community service and supporting our community.  It is a requirement for the upper ranks, and we emphasize it throughout our program.  It is heartwarming and humbling to rediscover that in troubled times, when things seem bleak, the heroes vastly outnumber the villains, and community does pull together.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Thomas Eye Group to donate to Troop 008 for Facebook Likes

All of us at Thomas Eye Group heard what happened last night with the trailer and would like to help so we’re going to be donating $1 for every NEW Facebook Fan (“Like”) that we get at Thomas Eye Group between now and October 15th to Troop 008 (Up to $500).

Our Facebook page is if you would like to let anyone know that all they have to do is “Like” our Facebook page in order for us to make the donation.

Troop Trailer – Update #1

In the Boy Scouts of America, some of our basic principles are to be Trustworthy, Helpful, and Loyal, and to be a good citizen of your community.  Unfortunately, not everyone shares these values.

Sometime between Tuesday, September 17 and Tuesday, September 24, our troop trailer was stolen.  This trailer contained the majority of our camping equipment that we have obtained in the years that this troop has existed.

This coming weekend is Camporall, a Foothills District camping event where our troop will be sponsoring Webelos from Cub Scout Pack 471 in a weekend of fun and games.  This camp also begins preparing the Webelos for their crossover into Boy Scouts.  This weekend’s campout will be the largest in the history of Troop 008, with over 60 Webelos, Boy Scouts, and adults participating.

Because of the campout, our trailer was loaded with the bulk of our troop’s camping equipment.

However, we will not let this deter us from our outing this weekend.  Our equipment may be gone, but our spirit will never be broken.

Because of the generosity of other scouting troops, parents and leaders in the troop, and members of the community, we should be able to get enough eqiupment to have a great time this weekend.  We will, however, need to resupply ourselves with permanent gear.

Our main needs at this time are:

An enclosed trailer

A large, 3 burner propane stove
Coleman 2 burner stoves (propane)
Coleman lanterns (propane)
20 pound propane tanks
Propane distribution trees
Small shovels and rakes
Tarps (large and small)
Long ropes
Sturdy pots and pans of all sizes and shapes
Cooking utensils of all types
Cleaning equipment (SOS pads, dish cloths, towels, wash pans)
Water containers
Zip lock bags, paper towels
Butane lighters, fire starters, etc.
Cards and small games

If you have any of these items in good condition and would like to donate them to our troop, or would like to make a cash donation, please contact us at or via our charter organization, Wesley Chapel UMC at 4495 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA 30066.

We sincerely thank everyone for their efforts in making this weekend, and our troop in general, successful.

Jim Srock
Scoutmaster, Troop 008

Troop Trailer Stolen

Thank you to WSB, CBS and East Cobb Patch for promoting the theft and for all those that are offering donations. We are seeing a great outpouring from the community, former Scouts and Scout parents demonstrating the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. The support we are receiving is truly a blessing.

If you would like to make an equipment or monetary donation you can contact the troop at:

Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law
A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean, and reverent.

Important – New Parent Orientation – Feb 19

All parents whose scout just crossed over onto Troop 008 are requested to attend the New Parent Orientation held in conjunction with the next Troop Meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19th  at 7PM.

This is a very important meeting where you will be given an opportunity to learn about the Troop, what your new scout will need in the way of supplies and other good information to make your boys scouting experience a success!